Fecha: 16 de julio de 2013

Ponente: Roberto Centeno, (LTCS Group, UNED)

Lugar de celebración: Sala 1.03, ETSI Informática, UNED


Complex social networks are typically used in order to represent and structure social relationships that do not follow a predictable pattern of behaviour. Due to its openness and dynamics, those networks make participants continuously deal with uncertainty before any type of interaction. Reputation appears as a key concept helping users to mitigate such uncertainty. However, most of the reputation mechanisms proposed in the literature suffer from problems such as the subjectivity in the opinions and their consequent inaccurate aggregation. With these problems in mind, we present a reputation mechanism based on the concepts of pairwise elicitation processes and knock-out tournaments. The main objective of this mechanism is to build reputation rankings from qualitative opinions, so getting rid of the subjectivity problems associated with the aggregation of quantitative opinions.