Fecha: 10 Enero 2012

Ponente: Irene Eleta

Lugar de celebración: Sala 1.26, Facultad de Psicología, UNED (mapa)


Irene Eleta will present her research work, carried out with the guidance of Dr. Jennifer Golbeck. The goal of this study is to compare social tagging patterns in two languages (Spanish and English) in image collections of art, while seeking exploitable strengths for the application of multilingual social tagging in digital libraries and museums. The use of social tags would enrich the metadata of images, adding diversity, and improving access to the collection in different languages. Recently, this work was accepted in the International ACM Conference CSCW (Computer-Supported Cooperative Work), to be held in February, 2012.

Finally, Irene will explain briefly the context of her research: the T3 project at the University of Maryland, which combines text mining and social tags for improving access to digital image collections in museums and libraries. The principal investigators of this project are Drs. Judith Klavans (Computational Linguistics and Information Processing Lab) and Jennifer Golbeck (College of Information Studies/ Human-Computer Interaction Lab).