Programa de doctorado de Sistemas Inteligentes
Sesión inaugural curso académico 2016/17
Fecha : 17 Noviembre 2016, Horario: 11 a 13:30h.
11 h- Presentación del programa: orientación sobre actividades, fechas y documentación a cumplimentar.  M.F.Verdejo, Coordinadora del programa de doctorado en Sistemas Inteligentes
11,30 -13,30 -Invited speaker: Prof. Oscar Corcho, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid


Title: Ontology-based data access and integration: current status and the roadmap  ahead 

Summary: In this talk we will review the current state of the art in ontology-based data access and integration, a well-known approach for performing the integration of heterogeneous data sources by means of using ontologies as global views over the heterogeneous schemas of the original data sources.

Data sources may be available in varied formats, including relational databases,  spreadsheets, NoSQL databases, data streams, REST APIs, etc., and organised according to different schemas. We will specially focus on the research and implementation work that has been done at the Ontology Engineering Group on this topic, describing how it has been applied for real-world problems. And we will discuss about the existing open challenges in this area.


Lugar: Sala J. Mira, ESTI Informática, 4 planta.

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